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Big part of our standard TECs are installed to the various sockets, packages and housings. Mass TEC assembling to the sockets andpackages is rather complicated technological process which requiresadditional timeandpresence of the specialized equipment and high skilled staff. As a result implementingof this procedureat the client’s facility can lead to thesignificant increase of the final product cost price. We offer our clients pass this process to our facility.

Our staffhas yearsof great experience in assembling its TECsto the wide range of standard sockets and housings (TO8,TO5, TO3, Butterfly etc.).Due to close partner relationships with the world manufacturers we can offer number of standard andcustomized sockets and packages. TEC assembling to the sockets supplied from the customer is also available.

Assembling process can be implemented with solders as well as using specializedthermally conductive epoxies which corresponds to the low outgassing NASA standards.

Installing different types of thermistors to the TEC cold/hot sides is available.

Using our assembling service you save the time for your company, reduce cost price of you products and absolutely exclude possible mechanical or thermal TEC damages during its installation. «ST» takes full responsibility for the quality of the whole TEC assembly.