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Ended Products

Final products

Thermoelectric cooler it self is not a final product as it can not be used by end-user. «ST» pays big attention to development, production and industrialization of the new products using thermoelectric technology. Generally such products includeTEC itself, heat rejection system (air or liquid), driver, and corresponding software.

Thermoelectric sample holder for SEM

Recently«ST» laboratory presented and supplied first samples of one-stage and two-stage universal thermoelectric sample holder (TSH) for scanning electron microscopes (SEM).TSH can reduce sample temperature at the shortest time down to -30° for one stage and down to -50°C in two stages variant. More information about this product (datasheet, drawings etc.) will be available soon at our website.

TE cooled high power LEDs for forward lighting

«ST» presented pilot samples of new product for automotive industry - thermoelectrically cooled high power LED package (LED/TEC package) for the high beam and low beam lighting in automobiles. LED/TEC packages haveconsiderably better performance characteristics (light output, wavelength stability, lifetime etc.) in comparison with standard LED lighting devices available at the market. Standard LED/TEC packages are implemented on the base of Philips LuxeonAltilon LEDs (implementation on the base of other LED dies is also available). Please contact our engineers to know more.

We keep constant contact with the leading specialist from various industrial and scientific areas as only on the edge of these areas born new technical solutions and products.

Director Dr. Roman Dekhtiaruk