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SmarTThermoelectrics (ST) was founded by Dr. Roman Dekhtiaruk with the group of experienced and high qualified specialists come from Scientific Group of Odessa State Academy of Refrigeration, which carried out researches in thermoelectric technology and applications during last 60 years.  


Specialization and Manufacturing

Our team is specialized on developing, design and production of small sized thermoelectric coolers (TECs) and completed thermal management systems based on these coolers. The nomenclature of our standard products consists of more than 1000 single stage and multistage thermoelectric micro coolers with wide range of geometrical, thermal and electrical characteristics.

Total area of our manufacturing facility is 500 sq. meters. It is located 150 km from Moscow in Kaluga - one of the biggest industrial cities in European part of Russia. We proud ourselves that our team needed less than a year to set up full manufacturing process of miniaturized thermoelectric coolers, which includes:

  • Production of TE pellets with high quality antidiffusion coatings (minimal cross section – 0.4x0.4 mm, minimal height – 0.2 mm);
  • High-precision cutting of the ceramic substrates;
  • TEC assembling using lead free alloys;
  • High tech multiple washing of the TEC;
  • Visual and hardware control of the final products.

Along with standard testing procedure of the final products we implemented in our manufacturing practice «inlet-outlet quality control» at the each manufacturing process. It increases number of the yield TECs and excludes shipping of the non-condition products to the customers.


Customer Support

Our team has a great scientific and engineering experience in designing of thermoelectric thermal management systems for various electronic optoelectronic components. «ST» provides all TE products with strong scientific support. At the shortest time our specialist are able to show you what you get can using thermoelectricity exactly in your application taking into account all your special demands. In other words if thermoelectric solution exist in principle - we will find and show you the most optimum one, finally you will make decision apply it or not. And if yes we will help to pass the whole way from the testing prototypes and finishing with the organization of the mass production.


Conformity to Industrial Standards

Most of our TE coolers are often integral part to the high technological optoelectronic devices. As a result TEC life time defines life time of whole device. The time we got first samples at new manufacturing facility we arranged number of testing procedures on conformity to the «Telcordia GP-468-CORE» standard for optoelectronic systems. Some part of the TECs is permanently selected from any batch in a random manner for repeat and additional testing.


ST is a new manufacturing company with talented and experienced team in scientific, engineering and production aspects of thermoelectricity. It allows us today to satisfy demands of our customers at the highest level.

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